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I have been married to the same guy for a LONG time ! We have 3 grown children and the 5 loves of our lives that they have given us ... 4 girls and one boy ! I have been crafting all my life and found my true addiction when I taught myself to use Copic Markers and introduced them into my card making ! I am NOT certified in the use of Copics but that doesn't stop me from creating with them ! I always been a bit of a crafting rebel and don't follow directions well !I love crafting with my hands and seldom will you find them idle as they usually have a crochet hook , knitting needles or a book in them . Exercise is not my strong suit ! LOL ! My husband and I also love camping in our RV ( weather permitting ... as in NO snow !) so most weekends from Spring to Fall you find us camped somewhere with our 3 Yorkies .... though don't tell them they aren't BIG dogs ! Hope you enjoy my little touch of my life .... the creative and the real life !

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


 I am not sure whether it is the time of year , the weather or just time to move on . I have no ambition to craft , no ambition to go for a walk and no desire to do much of anything . Some people would call me lazy and others would call me depressed ...........  maybe it is a bit of both ! I think it is just because I am tired of winter . They say we have had one of the worst winters in years ..... lots of snow , lots of cold , cold weather ................ snowing when it is really cold ! Bizarre weather that just keeps going on and on ! And yes it is snowing again !!!!! And yes it is cold again ! SHEESH !!!!! Enough already !!!!!!

 What is one to do ? Well I just spent an hour going through my old blog posts and I see all the paper crafting I have done over the years and wish I had the ambition to get busy again ..... in a room filled with crafty tools and goodness . I don't even want to think how much money is sitting in that room but then  also reflect on the hours all that crafty goodness that brought me hours of joy and contentment ...... especially when DH was away so much for so many years . My crafting brought joy to those that received whatever I had made and given away . My blog posts brought back memories that were put down on paper  that may have been trapped in my memories without anybody knowing about them . Some made me laugh , others made me smile and even others brought tears .

 Life changes daily . Those are memories , the past , the present and the future . Each a gift either wrapped in our memories or waiting to be wrapped to add to the rest . We know where we have been , we hope we have set plans for the future but each minute life can change in a blink in an eye with no warning . Dreams change , life changes like a river ..... sometimes just flowing by smoothly and other times like fast moving rapids where you aren't sure what the next bend will bring . We all hope we are going to make it to shore without any casualties .

 Today is the first day of the rest of your life . It is your choice as to how you lead it . Today I am going to pick up some yarn and start a new project for a new life that will join the world sometime in June . Not a new grandchild for us but for my DH's brother's family . They are so happy and excited but still a bit sad as he wouldn't be here to meet the wee lass . He will be with them in every breath though and in their hearts . New memories , new life ! Life is good !

 Tomorrow maybe the sun will shine and the temperature will warm up . Tomorrow is a new day ....... 

Thursday, December 05, 2013


 Well it seems to come once a year whether you want it to happen or not . DH had a birthday . It has been a rather strange year for him as he hit a few milestones . First he retired ( a few years sooner then he would have liked to but with health issues it was for the best ! ) and then he had to come to grips with being retired . Not an easy feat for somebody that has spent the majority of his life working long hours and a bit of a work-acholic ! It has been a challenge for both of us :-) Summer was no problem as we spent the majority of it at the campground where he could visit people and walk the dogs . After the RV was put away for the winter then things got a little more challenging as the guy has no hobbies . Thank heavens his TV is downstairs and he disappears most afternoons to watch the tube and his sports .

 I saw this image by Doctor Digi House of Stamps that I thought was just PERFECT for him . It reminds me of him so much .... although he would have at least 2 of the 3 Yorkies on his lap !

 I colored this image in Copic markers and used a Tim Holtz die cut for the clock . Such a fun image to work with .

 Time to get back to craft table ... only 2 more birthday cards to get done by next week and I am so far behind on my Christmas cards that I might get done by next week ! LOL !

Thanks for stopping by !

 Have a great week and happy creating !

Friday, November 15, 2013

GETTING CREATIVE ........... finally !

 DH left this morning for a week away with the " boys " . It was snowing when he left and it ended up a very wet , dreary day . The perfect day to kick back , relax and finish up a couple cards that I have been working on . I have 4 birthday cards to be made before the middle of December ... and about a half dozen Christmas cards . I have decided that this year I am only doing homemade cards for people that actually appreciate them . I spend way to much time creating them to have them end up in the garbage can . I am so enjoying playing again and making a huge mess of my room ! I have a week that I don't have to worry about making meals or anything else .... it is just me and the animals ! LOL !

  This card has been made for my Granddaughter who turns 17 soon . The image is by Saturated Canary and I colored her with Copic markers then used lots of Stickles on the card in different spots . The doilies are distressed with TH Distressed Inks .

Some close-ups of the card .

And this is the first Christmas card finished . I had some premade card blanks that I bought on clearance at MICHAEL'S a few years ago . Think they will work great for these cute dies ! Magnolia's Tilda works so well with the tree ! She is colored with Copic markers and then some SNOW puff on the snow that is then highlighted with Stickles .

 Stickles have been highly used all over the card !

 Pop back later in the week as I hope to have more cards made and ready for posting . So much fun to be back !!!

 Have a GREAT weekend .... I plan on it with my crafting a few new novels I am happy to kick back and read . The animals are content to kick back with me .... 3 Yorkies curled up on the couch ( 2 under a blanket ) and the cat is flopped on her " pillow " sound asleep too !

                                                           AIN'T LIFE GRAND !!!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just a little greeting ....... and some creating time

 Summer is definitely over as the leaves have turned and are piling up on the ground , the RV has been put away for the winter and I have finally got to play with my Copics and paper . It was a great summer but it is also nice to be home for longer then it takes to do laundry and buy groceries !

 My DH and I also celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary in the last couple of weeks ! WOW , that is so hard to believe that we have been together so long ....... and how much older we are ! LOL ! 40 YEARS !!!! Still boggles the mind !!! And I never realized what rebels the 2 of us are as they said it wouldn't last !!! YES , I am sure that some people still can't believe we are still together ........  the short version of the story is those same people tried to break us up from Day 1 , caused many tears , much unnecessary grief and the sad truth be it got them nowhere !!! We have had more then our share of bumps on this journey but we are staying strong , still best friends , still lovers and still more in love then 40 years ago , not the " hot " love of a young couple but the more mature , comfortable love that comes with age ........ seldom is there a moment that either of us think " what IF  ? " .......... Yes , we don't agree all the time , yes we get mad at each other and can have some " words " and yes we go to bed mad at one another ..... BUT , we wouldn't be human if we didn't ! At the end of the day we still love one another and we still are there for each other . SOUL MATES ......... not sure what that means but it fits if you want to put a label on us ................ I bend sometimes , he bends other , it works for us ........... I spoil him yes I cook , I clean and I even iron HIS clothes ......... and he spoils me ....... heck , if you saw what I spent over the past 10 years on craft supplies you would " GET " what I mean ! LOL !

  Anyways , after our summer of the RV and camping it took us a few weeks to get settled at home , unload the RV and get the summer dust out of the house ! DH has spent a fair bit of time with our boys hunting ( yes , 2 of the 3 have already bagged their moose ) so that gives me free time to play . Haven't spent a lot of time doing cards though .... BUT , I did finally break out the Copics last week and did this card for my Mom's birthday which is coming up soon . I have " stole " a few cards lately from my stash for birthdays so it is time to start filling up the basket again !!!

Sorry for the terrible photo ! I am not sure what is going on between my camera , phone and laptop but that is a terrible image !!! Unfortunately the card is in the mail already or I would just redo the picture !!! This is a Hangler image that I had in my stash and she is colored with Copic markers . All the " stuff " on my card is from my stash dressed up with either Distressed ink or Stickles . Was fun to just play for a couple days !!!!

 Have a great week everybody and hope you are all finding time to do some creating !!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

SOON !!!!

 WOW , the summer has gone by so fast !!!! We had a wonderful holiday just relaxing in the sun and soaking in the hot springs ..... Plus we watched more then one storm build over the mountains ........

 We also did some exploring of the surrounding area and visited a ghost town that was once a booming silver mine and town .

    Sandon , BC

 It was a great 3 weeks from start to finish but it was nice to get back home and spend a few days just puttering in our house and packing up the RV again to bring back to the campground for the month of September ! We have spent the majority of September at the campground catching up with our " summer " friends and no stay here would be complete without one trip up to Hixon Falls . This year we were so surprised at how little water was coming down the falls ( after a very hot summer ) being we had SO much water in the creek in May when we first came here !

 Summer may be coming to a close , my " read book " list is long and the box is full but I am ready to put the RV in storage for a few months and get back to what I love to do ....... crafting ! Not looking forward to the cooler days and the white stuff but that is what comes with the change of the season . I have decided that my paper crafting is probably going to become my " winter " hobby as there is just no room in the RV ( and being DH thinks we need to LIVE in it ALL summer !!!! ) to pack it all ... even if we changed our RV ! LOL !

  A few more campfires , a couple more weekends and then I can officially say ...


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Almost the end of July

 WOW ! Where has the month of June and July gone ? Seems like just days ago we moved the RV to the campsite and it has already been 2 months ! We have had some miserably cool , rainy days and we have had some HOT days but it seems the rain is winning here this summer ! Strange when the southern portion of our province is breaking records with super hot weather and days and weeks without rain !

 We really haven't been home much since we moved into the campground but do manage to go get groceries and make appointments when we need to . Have meet some very interesting people this year . Amazing how a campfire can make people stop to talk .... or the Yorkies ! Mind you , the Yorkies are not impressed when somebody stops by and bring a dog with them ! The noise is unbearable !!! Usually it doesn't last long though ! Funny how many people we have seen traveling with their cats this year ! Most are traveling in motorhomes and their cats are outside on a leash ( our cat would NEVER put up with a leash and harness ! I wouldn't even attempt to put one on her ! LOL ! ) . I think our cat is just happy to stay home and be the princess ! Thank heavens for good housesitters !

 Have been really missing my crafting but think it will be a couple months before I can play again with my Copics and ink . Haven't got enough room to pack them here being I do have a big tote of yarn . Have made a few crocheted things for the little store here but this year nothing is selling .

 We leave in 2 weeks for our summer holidays . 2 weeks of CAMPING !!!! LOL ! Yes , retirement is really hard to adjust too ! LOL !  Actually DH has been doing some contract work so he keeps busy for a couple hours a week . i usually am found outside reading a book or walking the dogs while he works .

 Hope everybody has a great summer ! I will be back creating cards in October as I was informed we will be camping until the end of September .

 Take care , travel safe , enjoy summer and see you in the Fall !

Thursday, June 06, 2013


  The past month was crazy ! So much happened that it is so hard to believe we had the month of May ! We made a quick trip south for 5 days to visit my family . My parents are elderly ( seems odd to admit that as they are still Dad & Mom even though they are in their 80's ) so it was a trip we had to take . Amazing when you think how fast the last year went as it felt like we had been down to visit not long before our trip . We did hit a silly snow snow storm on the way home ! Fortunately it wasn't sticking to the road !!!

 The weekend after we got back home we moved the RV up to the campsite . Nice to have it there and have the option of whether to spend a few days there or stay home ! We did spend a week there and had BEAUTIFUL summerlike weather !!! Unfortunately then the rain started to fall and has at some point for the majority of the days since ! We have spent a few days at the RV regardless :-) 

 Our days at home have been busy between laundry , grocery shopping and just trying to keep the house clean and yard done up . Of course we also had a 5 day trip out of town to see  CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S BLOWN AWAY concert !!!!! That was what the family gave DH as a retirement gift . TOTALLY amazing concert and so worth the trip !!!! A few days shopping at west Edmonton Mall was a nice treat too ! LOL !

 The few evenings we have been home I did make one grad card for Granddaughter #1 ! Hard to believe she is graduating already as she was just a baby yesterday !!! All I can say is I am blessed to have my kids so young and be able to watch these momentous occasions with the Grandkids . That week I also got to go to our youngest grandchild's school concert .... he is kindergarten age !!!!

 This is the card I made Granddaughter #1 using a Saturated Canary image and my Copics . Was fun to be able to do some creating !!!

I also did this note pad cover for a friend we camp with .
This is another Saturated Canary image and it is so cute . She was so excited when I gave it to her ..... her husband said she would have to go buy  a pair of shorts to match the image ! I wouldn't tell you what she told him !!!! LOL !

 We are now into June and for the first time in a long time , I actually bought a couple of cards instead of making them ! Oh well , they say it is the thought that counts ....... right ? LOL !

 Well have a great week everybody and I hope you manage to see some sun , enjoy the great outdoors and maybe some crafting thrown in . We are heading back to the RV in the morning . I have a couple new books to read and my crocheting with me so I don't care what the weather does . I am going to CHILL-AXE !!!!!

Like my Stella ! LOL !

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MORE Birthdays ......

 Our oldest son is having his 39th Birthday ( for real ! And probably the first of MANY 39's ! LOL ! ) at the end of next week . He is away for his birthday as the company he works for is send him and 3 work buddies to an Edmonton Oilers / Vancouver Canuck's game . They are all pretty excited as the game is in Edmonton and they will get to spend one full day shopping in their favorite store ...... CABELA'S !!!  Nothing sounds more like fun for these guys then watching a hockey game , drinking beer and shopping in their favorite outdoor sports store .... unless it is hunting or fishing that is !!!

 When I saw this image by Magnolia , I knew I had to do SOMEHING with it ! It tickled my funny bone ........


I really couldn't decide what to do with the image as I didn't buy the background image so I thought I 
would just keep the card very simple . Edwin is colored with COPIC markers . I never keep track of which colors I use though .

 A friend had a birthday this week and I made this card for her though it will be late arriving as I had to mail it . This is the image I received in my MAGNOLIA INK magazine this month and I just HAD to ink it up immediately ! Another image colored with Copic markers and some new My Mind's Eyes paper . A very quick , simple card as well ! I actually used my mini Scor-It board to do the border on the cardstock . 

 The weather here has been flip flop from sun to rain but still not overly warm . At least we aren't get the snowstorms  that other areas are getting ! DH actually mowed the lawn last week and it will need it again this week ! A visit to the campground today showed us we wouldn't be camping for a few weeks though as they still have a good foot of snow covering most of the campground ! They were hoping to open next weekend but haven't even been able to do their Spring clean up ....... 

 Hope everybody has had a great week , had good weather and has had some creating time !

Have a great week everybody !

Monday, April 08, 2013

FINALLY ..... a little creating .........

  Not too long ago my DH retired after being with the same company for a total of 42 years , 26 of them consecutive . Since his retirement , the company he ran has had a bit of a mass exodus from the staff he trained and depended on ........ but that is a whole other story ! LOL ! Anyways , that is a bit of background before I explain this first card .

 This Magnolia image of the Jungle buggy and scene is for a good friend of DH's who is packing his family up , sold their home , quit their jobs and are...with 2 of there kids in tow ..... heading back to their home province after spending 12 years here . They have no jobs to head too and have changed their mind on where they are going to actually live ! Not sure it is something we could ever do without having some plan of attack but we wish them the very best in their journey !

 The images I chose are all Magnolias from a few years back and I actually have used both images a few times . Some of my colors don't show up very well nor does the Stickles on the tops of the mountains ( and yes , I KNOW Alberta doesn't have palm trees ! LOL ! ) nor does the glossy accents on the windows  . I mounted the jungle buggy on foamies so it actually stands up from the image . All images are colored in an array of Copic colors .  I kept the card pretty simple with the sentiment from Verve stamped inside that reads  "As you unpack your things and settle right in , May happiness follow and good times begin "

Card #2 is stamped with a Saturated Canary image ( digi ) and I have to say ..... OMG !!!!!! I am in love as I love these images by this company ! They are just so much fun to color and watch come to life !

This card is for my DIL and not posted on FB as she hasn't got it yet ! LOL ! It was her birthday yesterday and I am not sure when we will actually see her ......... guess they will actually have to come down and get it ! ( actually DH will probably take it there this week as he has to go up for business ! Yes , he is doing some contract work from home for a bit ........ )  . The majority of this card is colored with Copics and little highlights of Gel pen .  I have used all my stash for this card from the cardstock to the ric-rac ! It is amazing when I look through my stuff how much I have and forgot about ! LOL ! Happy Belated birthday Carlene !

Card #3 is an Easter card ( yes I know it has past already ! )

I made this card for my parents and I am surprised they actually got it in time as I was really pushing to get this one done ! Another Magnolia image that I colored with Copics .

Spring has made an appearance here , the robins are trying to clean my yard of all the worms ! The grass is turning green and the trees are getting fuzzy looking so I don't think it will be long before we see leaves ............ We are lucky that our snow has disappeared from the ground ( even though we still are getting the odd snowstorm go through  ) . I am hoping that the winter viruses are behind us and life gets back to normal ( whatever that is ! )

 Have a great week everybody and happy creating !

Sunday, March 10, 2013


 It is hard to believe that our youngest grandchild is 6 years old on Tuesday ! The year has gone by so quickly but at least with the move we have been able to see him more often and watched the changes that this age brings . He is kindergarten this year so has really developed a personality ...... some habits which are so " boy " ( yes , I did say that ! LOL ! ) .... nice considering he has 2 older sisters ! The kid is a whiz on his IPAD and can figure out most words on his own . No spelling around this kid any more as he knows exactly what you are trying to say !

 I found this image in my box and I am not sure how I got it as it is a Hangler .......... but he is oh so cute and was just calling me to make him up . I used Copic markers to color him and I have to say , this card came together so fast for me from start to finish . I know he will like it ........ and the inside of the card was just a printed sheet of paper and just a couple stickers of dogs that I got given to me from Santa ! Nice to use so stash up !

 I must get busy now as I have a card I have to get off today for my BIL's birthday . Thank heavens I have the image already colored as I feel like I have lost a few days this past week !

 Have a great week everybody and happy creating ....... even if it is just reading a book and creating in your mind ! LOL !