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I have been married to the same guy for a LONG time ! We have 3 grown children and the 5 loves of our lives that they have given us ... 4 girls and one boy ! I have been crafting all my life and found my true addiction when I taught myself to use Copic Markers and introduced them into my card making ! I am NOT certified in the use of Copics but that doesn't stop me from creating with them ! I always been a bit of a crafting rebel and don't follow directions well !I love crafting with my hands and seldom will you find them idle as they usually have a crochet hook , knitting needles or a book in them . Exercise is not my strong suit ! LOL ! My husband and I also love camping in our RV ( weather permitting ... as in NO snow !) so most weekends from Spring to Fall you find us camped somewhere with our 3 Yorkies .... though don't tell them they aren't BIG dogs ! Hope you enjoy my little touch of my life .... the creative and the real life !

Saturday, January 19, 2013

First cards of 2013

This card is actually the second card I made this year . I did something a bit different then I normally would . First I stamped the dress onto patterned paper and then highlighted it with my Copics . Didn't know whether it would work or not but I think it turned out alright ! The heart is a metal diecut that I have had in my stash forever . I coated it with Stickles . I actually used a patterned piece of paper for the background and incorporated the pattern into the front of my card for Tilda to stand on . The butterfly is a Magnolia die that I just love ! I cut it out of a metallic paper and the body out of a polka dot paper .... Just a fun card to get things going for the year !

 My first card was just something to get the ink flowing and the brain back to crafting mode . The image is colored with my Copics and really was just a trial run ..... The ladybug is coated in gloss and her spots are actually Glaze Gel pen   . I love to use them when I can . Everything I used on these 2 cards is from my stash as I am trying to use up what I have before I buy any more . I am going to have to cave soon as I am going to need some cardstock soon ....... of those colors I use a lot of but I have enough cardstock to last me 100 years ! LOL ! Who knew that one gravitates towards certain colors !

 So nice to be in my room and doing something . and feeling that sense of accomplishment . I have to say though there are a few things I really need change in my new room .... one being the lighting ! It is awful !!! Right now I have the shade off the single bulb in the ceiling and even that doesn't help much . I do have a long armed desk OTT light but that doesn't seem to helping much ! I think I am going to look at buying a floor OTT lamp and seeing if I can help things in the lighting department .... especially if I want to do any crafting in the evening ! Oh well , all in good time and I am just happy to be crafting again !

 Have a great week everybody and I hope you all find time to craft or at least find time to have some ME time ! January is just that kind of month and a person needs to find their " go to place " .... mine being my crafting , crocheting or a darn good book !

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I am BACK !!!!!

 Well it has been a long 6 months and we have had many changes in our lives . The biggest change is we packed up our home and moved further south ...... only 1.5 hours away but still further south ! What that means is we have less snow ( but still snow ) , warmer temperatures ( sometimes only a degree or 2 but still warmer ! ) and we get to spend time with DD and her family ! Something we have not been able to do for a very long time . Our boys have both bought their own homes in the last few months and are learning to live without the Parents being just a few minutes away ...... it is working out well for all of us !

 The second huge change in our lives has been DH has retired from his job . He spent 42 accumulative years with the same company and though the last few months were sheer Hell on him ( due to a lot of crap that was going on inter-company ) he stuck it out until the end of the year . They did throw him a very nice retirement party where we even had friends ( with the company ) attend from as far away as Quebec . All our kids and their spouses attended as well . It was a fun evening and the speeches were great ! DH has no regrets about retiring though ..... but will he stay retired is the million dollar question ! He has a few good working years left he says but it was time to start a new venture ! We will see !

 We have managed to get a few things done here since he retired .... boxes are almost all unpacked and the house is almost totally set up now . We have a few things we will have to do in the yard once the snow leaves ( this is the most snow that the town has seen for years and it is only January ! Just our luck ! )

 Christmas was wonderful this year . The oldest and his family came down on December 23 and spent the night with us . They headed back home to spend Christmas in their new home early on the 24th . Then the youngest arrived with his cocker spaniel . We spent the evening at DD's and had lot of fun with her family . Christmas morning we had our presents here then back over to DD's for a gift exchange with them . Christmas is always fun when there is a 5 year old :-) ....... I did Christmas dinner here and discovered my new kitchen works perfect for the group . the youngest and his dog headed home on the 26th and DH & I settled in to figuring out this " retirement " thing !

 I did no crafting for Christmas this year other then a few cards that I had done at a class I attended in Novemeber . This is the first time in years I didn't do at least a dozen cards to send out ! Oh well !!! I did manage to do a couple birthday cards for the family that celebrated one in December .

This was my granddaughter's card I made . I love this Magnolia's Tilda which I colored in Copic markers and then used lots of Stickles on her dress and the tag . I also airbrushed the paper she is on rather then use a patterned paper .

 I am finding time to get back to my room and doing some creating so stay tuned over the next while to see what I have come up with . Still haven't got my room completely unpacked but it is coming .... I could probably get it all unpacked if my COPICS would quit talking to me every time I walk in there ! LOL ! So nice to be able to sit and create again after the madness of the past 6 months !

 And on that note .... Have a great week and happy creating everybody ! Thanks for coming back to visit !!!

And on a footnote .....

 Amongst all the madness of the past 6 months , I actually managed to lose EVERYTHING off my laptop ( a MACBOOK which it turns out is NOT indestructible ! ) ...... so if I haven't visited your blog or sent you an email please send me a note with the a link or your email address ! ) .... and PLEASE make sure you BACKUP your computer !!! I have lost a LOT of photos , links and contacts because I didn't do it ! Just one more lesson learned .........  2012 is behind us and 2013 is going to be so much better !!!! )