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I have been married to the same guy for a LONG time ! We have 3 grown children and the 5 loves of our lives that they have given us ... 4 girls and one boy ! I have been crafting all my life and found my true addiction when I taught myself to use Copic Markers and introduced them into my card making ! I am NOT certified in the use of Copics but that doesn't stop me from creating with them ! I always been a bit of a crafting rebel and don't follow directions well !I love crafting with my hands and seldom will you find them idle as they usually have a crochet hook , knitting needles or a book in them . Exercise is not my strong suit ! LOL ! My husband and I also love camping in our RV ( weather permitting ... as in NO snow !) so most weekends from Spring to Fall you find us camped somewhere with our 3 Yorkies .... though don't tell them they aren't BIG dogs ! Hope you enjoy my little touch of my life .... the creative and the real life !

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A forgotten card !

 I just downloaded my memory card and discovered I forgot a card I had made a bit ago . It was for DIL's birthday at the beginning of the month ! At least she got it on time .... you just didn't get to see it !

These are 2 colors I seldom use and I am so pleased how the card came out ! Green and plum are NOT my strong suit to use !  Sorry , not sure what Copics I used either !  I know DIL liked her card because it was still sitting on their TV stand and she seldom keeps " clutter " out ! LOL !

 I also have just finished this card for a friend . I received an Easter card from her and a short letter which filled me with sadness and threw me into a bit of a funk ( hence the reason I am having so much trouble getting back into my room and creating a few more cards ! ). A bit of history about my friend , She was actually a young friend of my Mother's whom my sister and I babysat her kids while we were teenagers and then her 2 daughters babysat my kids when we lived in the same town for a few years .... and my kids could have babysat her grandkids if we would have stayed there ! LOL ! I have kept in contact with this lady for over 28 years since we left the Okanagan . it has been wonderful watching her girls' kids grow up in pictures . Anyways before I end up writing a book , this last letter had some very unhappy news in it . My friend's youngest daughter was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer less then a month ago . She turned 45 on April 10th and has had major surgery and now facing 6 months of intense chemo therapy . She has a husband and  2 children ( one being autistic ) . She lives far away from her family and other then close family and friends that live near , I am not sure what her support system is ! I was heartbroken for her parents as it isn't a case of just jumping in the car and driving across town to see their daughter ! I can't imagine the emotions this family is going through . My heart bleeds for them . I decided the one thing I could do is to send my friend a card so she knows my heart , prayers and positive thoughts are with them . This is the card ......

I think this Magnolia's Tilda says it all ! I would give my blankie to my friend in a heart beat if I knew it would take the pain away ...................

 PLEASE ..........if you suspect there could be a medical problem in the area where NONE of us like to talk about 

( well in my house it is a HUGE part of our conversation as my husband has Crohn's disease ....... and has had a major portion of his bowel removed and heading for some aggressive treatments soon BUT that is for another day ! )


And hug those close to you as often as possible as life changes in a blink of an eye ! 

Take care dear friends ...........

Monday, April 16, 2012

Please bear with me ........

 I haven't forgot about my blog or creating ( as a matter of fact I have a card in the works on my desk right now ! )  but life has taken a few bumps ( more like HUGE potholes in the road ! ) and has delayed some of the creative processes . I WILL post something awesome and sweet over the next while but PLEASE bear with me until this life's glitch can get repaired !

Monday, April 02, 2012

Killing time ....... crocheting !

   Haven't been up to much for the last 10 days . DH was down with another flare-up so I just sat and played with some yarn and my crochet hook ..... and read a couple of books ! Thank heavens DH went back to work on Thursday so I could get some housework done ....... though having the son's cocker pup during the day makes it almost impossible to get everything I would like to get done ... done ! LOL !

 This is REX . Such a cutie and such a good puppy ( for the most part ) Though my Yorkies are NOT impressed to have him here during the day ( for now ) .... especially when he keeps stealing Garfield to chew on !

 And this is what I spent the week crocheting . It is a baby girls sweater set and is FOR SALE if anybody is interested . I think it will fit about a 3 month-6 month size but being all kids vary in size , if you are interested drop me a note to crafty.gram1@gmail.com and I will give you the measurements . This is done in an baby sport acrylic yarn that is wash and dry low ... easy care !

 That was my week in a nutshell ! The sun has come out , the wind is blowing and our snow is melting .... SPRING is here ! YEAH !!!!

 Have a great week everybody !!!