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I have been married to the same guy for a LONG time ! We have 3 grown children and the 5 loves of our lives that they have given us ... 4 girls and one boy ! I have been crafting all my life and found my true addiction when I taught myself to use Copic Markers and introduced them into my card making ! I am NOT certified in the use of Copics but that doesn't stop me from creating with them ! I always been a bit of a crafting rebel and don't follow directions well !I love crafting with my hands and seldom will you find them idle as they usually have a crochet hook , knitting needles or a book in them . Exercise is not my strong suit ! LOL ! My husband and I also love camping in our RV ( weather permitting ... as in NO snow !) so most weekends from Spring to Fall you find us camped somewhere with our 3 Yorkies .... though don't tell them they aren't BIG dogs ! Hope you enjoy my little touch of my life .... the creative and the real life !

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


If life hands you lemons then go drink taquilla !

It seems that just when you think life is going to start running smoothly and the road is straightening a big pothole sucks you in and you have to crawl out of that hole . That has been the last month since we were on holidays . First our Kandi , cocker dog , took so sick and we thought we would lose her to the big puppy playground in the sky . Well she has fooled all of us and is off her meds and seems to be holding her own . Actually she is quite spry for a lazy 11 year old !
But that was just a pebble on the road as to what we are facing right now . My DH has had a major flare-up of ulcerative colitis http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/colitis/ which has left him weak and very unwell . As of this weekend he will be on medical leave from work and on strong meds to try get this horrible disease under control . The next step will be hospitalization and possible surgery . If I can get him to stay at home for a week then I will consider myself lucky as he is a workaholic and HATES being " lazy " and resting ...as he calls it ! He feels guilty about leaving his staff in the lurch ( but that is what head office has people making big money to look after not the peons in the company ! ) which in turn will give him more stress and that is a LOT of the instigator in this disease .
To top off and to compound the problem , we just had word that his brother has been diagnosed with brain cancer . We aren't sure of the severity of it but the word is not good . I am a fatalist to a point though and I feel that he will fight this with all he has in him . My aunt that just passed away at age 80 had brain cancer 25 yrs ago and was a survivor and lived through 3 bouts of it ! DH is so very upset about this news though and once we hear the news from down east later in the week , we will make plans as to what we will do . We had hoped to just head out camping and sit and relax for the most part of next week with the motor home ( yes , I know that is not REALLY camping ! LOL ) but it will be away and we will relax ...... providing we aren't doing a trip that DH shouldn't be taking right now !
So if somebody has some ashphalt laying around or some gravel , could you fill this pothole so we can get back out of it ..................


  1. donna i know that you and your sweet hubby are soooo upset and well life sucks for you guys right now. i really hope that keith does his best to get well so that life will be at least a wee bit better. i also am sooo sorry that his brother was diagnosed with such a horrible cancer but i am really really really hoping that he beats this and makes it through and has another 20 years to live. i just wish i could do something to ease it all. i just love you guys sooo much even though i don't know you in "real" life, but i feel like i do "know" you. just know that i love you and your family and i will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers just like you did for us when ashley was sooo sick.

    why ohh why do we live so far away?

  2. ps: when do we know the results of your sons mri?