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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I always knew my youngest wasn't all there !!!!!

Seems that we always knew the youngest son wasn't all there ! LOL ! And fianlly a Dr confirmed it , only it isn't what you are thinking ! J. has been having terrible back pains as of late ( to go with all the other aches the boy has ! ) so finally after threatening him and then the Dr phoning him about a back Xray that he had had , J. made the trip down to see the Dr. Seems he has a condition known as Lumboscral Hemivertebrae ( that is a mouthful ! ) which in my terms means he isn't all there - well one of his vertebae ( #4 I think ) is missing half . Instead of rectangular it is triangular . If it move or rotates to far , it causes pain as the pointed section rubs on the next vertebrae ( or something to that effect ! ) Actually it is very rare for this to happen and is a birth defect . From what I read , it is prevalent in Dwarfism and animals . Boston Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers are prone to this !!!! Okay , no comments fronm the peanut gallery now !!! LOL ! For now , he has to just put up with the misery until he has a CT scan to rule out any other trouble there . Advil is the only pain meds recommended .
Just one move string of things this fellow has ! All his life ( all 26 yrs of it ) he has had one thing after the other . Started when he was 10 days and kept on - from tonsils and adnoids removed when he was 3 after being a pucky baby for 3 yrs ! YUCK !!! To breaking his leg , arm , wrist , fingers , tooth ( after the handle bars of his bike broke and he went over face first on the pavement ! ) - he was our walking wounded at all times ! Did I miss anything ? ........ Oh yeah and all the choking on food over the years . One Christmas dinner ended abruptly with DH rushing J to the ER because a piece of turkey got lodged in his throat ! That lead to a number of throat scopes to find out that his stomach and his esophogus don't connect properly with his stomach ( see I told you he wasn't put together properly ! ) . Damage has been done from all the ' pucking ' - much like an anorexic suffers . This has been treated with meds for 2 yrs and finallyy after being so skinny ( 110 lbs at 5'8 " ) he has filled out considerable . He is a good cook - or maybe the beer he drinks has added to the weight ! LOL ! This can be fixed by surgery but he is chicken and the recovery time is much to long for him - he says !
So for now , this is just one more bump in the road ......


  1. Donna .....I love how you keep your sense of humor during all this...you are soooo funny!! I hope J gets some relief from this soon...recovery is NEVER fun!! Keep blogging! You're a riot!

  2. ohh my he has had a lot of bumps in the road. i love your humor through all of this and yes keep blogging LOL.