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I have been married to the same guy for a LONG time ! We have 3 grown children and the 5 loves of our lives that they have given us ... 4 girls and one boy ! I have been crafting all my life and found my true addiction when I taught myself to use Copic Markers and introduced them into my card making ! I am NOT certified in the use of Copics but that doesn't stop me from creating with them ! I always been a bit of a crafting rebel and don't follow directions well !I love crafting with my hands and seldom will you find them idle as they usually have a crochet hook , knitting needles or a book in them . Exercise is not my strong suit ! LOL ! My husband and I also love camping in our RV ( weather permitting ... as in NO snow !) so most weekends from Spring to Fall you find us camped somewhere with our 3 Yorkies .... though don't tell them they aren't BIG dogs ! Hope you enjoy my little touch of my life .... the creative and the real life !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camping and a countdown .....

Dh was on holidays for a week after our Victoria Day long weekend . Being as he hasn't been well with the Chrone's Disease we decided just to go to our favorite close camping spot at Canyon Creek Campground . Our oldest came down and dropped the truck off so we could leave our motorhome parked for the summer . While there , our granddaughter Courteney got the most comfortable seat in the house and ended up with 2 dogs on her for the duration . Ryder is a Momma's boy and sat on me as he is very shy ! Not Mandy nor Tucker , they just made themselves at home where it was warm ...........................
The week brought a mixed bag of weather , rain , cool nights and just a mile up the road and in PG .... SNOW !!! Hard to believe it is MAY !!! By the end of the week the sky had cleared and we had some warm weather and sun ..... still cool at night though ! We had planned on another campsite but being as we planned on setting up the satellite dish ended up in the same spot as last year ...... and after much frustration , managed to catch the satellite so DH will have his TV all summmer .
Now I know you are asking why one would own a motorhome and end up parking it for the summer and WHY would we worry about TV when we are camping ..... well , first off , this is NOT how we had planned to spend our summer vacation parked just south of home ! BUT DH has a date for his surgery ... June 11th .......... so once he is home and feeling well enough , we are packing up the dogs and heading to motorhome so he can recouperate .... hence the TV ! He will relax away from home far better then being at home where he will want to work in the yard , wash his truck and go to work ! He will have anywhere from 6-12 weeks off work and in that time , he will NOT be able to lift anything ! Guess that leaves me to setting up camp ( though most is done with the MH already parked ) , haul in the laundry and the groceries ! Aught to be a delight :-) LOL ! Am looking forward to June and July just being over ............. not that I really want it over ... just the stress and the unknown ! Please send positive thoughts that this surgery is the answer and that by this time we can make those trips we had planned with the MH this year !!! I think life is going to change around here again ..................................... hopefully for the better !!!
Dh came home from holidays sick again and spent 2 days in bed . i think his staff is beginning to think he just likes extra time off ........ they don't know him very well if they think that ! This is the guy that leaves for work at 3:30 am every morning and works until 5 or 6 pm every night ..... and takes calls at home when he isn't in the office ! Could be why he is sick !!!!! I sure hope this changes after he has his surgery as otherwise he could end up sick again ! I keep telling him that it is the time in his life to start slowing down and getting ready for retirement .Maybe we can call this a trial retirement period !
We are heading down to the camp after work tomorrow for the weekend and I may stay for a day or two after . I don`t mind staying by myself and think I had better get some ME time while I can ......... LOL ! Maybe I will actually find time to read a book or two as I haven`t read one in over a month !!! That has to be a record as I love to read !

time to go relax as Tucker is !
Have a great week !!!! And don`t forget to send positive thoughts :-)

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