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I have been married to the same guy for a LONG time ! We have 3 grown children and the 5 loves of our lives that they have given us ... 4 girls and one boy ! I have been crafting all my life and found my true addiction when I taught myself to use Copic Markers and introduced them into my card making ! I am NOT certified in the use of Copics but that doesn't stop me from creating with them ! I always been a bit of a crafting rebel and don't follow directions well !I love crafting with my hands and seldom will you find them idle as they usually have a crochet hook , knitting needles or a book in them . Exercise is not my strong suit ! LOL ! My husband and I also love camping in our RV ( weather permitting ... as in NO snow !) so most weekends from Spring to Fall you find us camped somewhere with our 3 Yorkies .... though don't tell them they aren't BIG dogs ! Hope you enjoy my little touch of my life .... the creative and the real life !

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life such as it is .....

With more bumps then smooth sailing lately it will be nice to just relax and be able to complain that life is boring ! Not sure when that will happen though . DH is still home with his UC and has been trying to get back to work all week which in turn makes him anxious and then he feels worse ! It seems to be a viciuos cycle . His trip to see his brother last week settled his mind as to how Br was doing but with brain cancer being diagnosed and radiation treatments just finished , it is again a waiting game . No family drama happened either while visiting as MIL and SIL behaved themselves .... for the most part ! LOL ! At least DH had one day to visit before M arrived ! The trip alone was hard on DH as sitting for long periods of time just aren't a good thing ...the flight was over 5 hrs with a layover in Vancouver .

DD & family were here for a swim meet on the weekend and it was good to have them here . It was good for DH to have them here when he got home ! The girls swim like fish and they are beautiful swimmers already . I hope they stay with the swimming . Granddaughter #3 lost another tooth while she was here and that one cost Grandma $15 ... I had made a deal with her that if she lost the tooth while they were here that I would give her $5 ....well being the older 2 granddaughters " helped " her loose the tooth I had to give them $5 each as well ! Guess Grandma needs to stop making these deals !!! LOL ! Our little man is growing and such a cutie ! He was weighed yesterday and is weighing in at 13.5 lbs and 23" long at 3 months old . Just a small little guy ! But so happy and he likes to sleep !!! I did manage to throw together a dinner ( thanks to Costco ) for our whole tribe on Sunday night . It is nice to do that in good weather so we can throw open the patio doors and us the patio as well as the kitchen . It is cramped otherwise ! LOL !

The weather has turned HOT here ( 30 C ) and is to stay like that for a few days and then just cool down slightly ! Who was complaining of it being too cold ? We are heading out camping ( if all is well with DH ) on Friday for the weekend .......... so we can use the AC in the MH !!!


  1. LOL!!! A $15 tooth! I hope your husband gets feeling better. Take care Donna

  2. hey you, jeez i really need to leave comments more often LOL. i hope keith gets to feeling better SOON and that your BIL kicks this cancer RIGHT IN THE ASS. hang in there GF!!!!!

    LOVE YA, MUAH!!!!!!!